Dental Health

My little Wally (AKA Oliver/Ollie) had his first annual check up on Saturday. He was NOT happy to go for a ride in the car, and he was also not happy to be out of the sweet comfort of home. I also heard him utter a low growl for the first time ever. At a giant German Shepherd! The ordeal produced both good and bad news...

Good: we FINALLY found a vet we LOVE. With Bosco, we've had ok vets in the past, but never one I loved. Dr Elizabeth O'Connor at Avoca Drive Animal Hospital was just fantastic! She spoke to me like a normal person and handled Ollie like he was her own cat - with love. It also helped that she actually had a personality.

Bad: poor little Ollie has genetically bad teeth :o(
This was very surprising to me because Bosco is almost 7, and he only needed his first ever teeth cleaning done a couple of months ago. Dr O'Connor told me that Bosco is actually more rare than Oliver.

Ollie is going in to have his teeth scaled and polished (and hopefully nothing more) in a couple of weeks and he'll have a blood test the day before (he's gonna hate me) to make sure it hasn't affected his kidneys or anything else. The thought of this is very scary so I'm trying to keep that thought at bay.

Anyone else's kitties have bad teeth? And does anyone actually brush their cat's teeth?? I'm just so bummed for my little bubbah, who will have to have the minimum of a cleaning at least once a year for the rest of his life, which means anesthesia at least once a year for the rest of his life. The vet said it could even be twice a year if his teeth are really bad. Wah! :o(