Design Our Logo Competition!

We've had this lovely website for two years now, and some things have changed since we first founded in 2012. We've expanded to support big cats and we're not just about tee shirts anymore. So its time for a bit of a change! We're working on a new website and a bit of re-branding, which will remain a secret for now, but that re-branding will include a new logo! And we're giving you the chance to design it!



Competition details:

  • Email to express your interest, where you'll then receive more specific information
  • ALL entrants will have their logo, name and website published on our blog
  • Winning entrant will get a spot on our Who Supports Us page with link to their website
  • Competition opens today, 30th May and closes on Saturday 28th June
  • All entrants are required to keep specific information regarding Cat Tee Mission rebranding confidential until after new website is launched
  • No payment will be given to the winner or any entrants. Your payment is the satisfaction of helping out a registered non-profit organisation and a spot on our website (and a huge thank you!)


Got any designer friends? Please pass this on! We look forward to hearing from you.