DIY Floating Cat Shelves

We finally have cat shelves! I have been meaning to put some up since we bought our house last April and we finally got around to it. Rather than spend a heap on actual cat shelves, we made our own. This is a super easy DIY on how we did it. I say "we", but really my boyfriend did most of the work!  

photo 3 (1)

Step 1. Get yourself some floating shelves, pick a spot on the wall and install them. We got ours for $23 each from Bunnings. I recommend trying to get at least one of the screws into the stud in the wall for extra support. For this you'll need a stud finer.

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Step 2. Find something to glue to the top of the shelf to make it nice and comfy for your kitty. We used some carpet we already had. Then glue it down with liquid nails.

Untitled-1 copy

Step 3. Wait 24 hours for the glue to set, then encourage your kitty to explore their new shelves.

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Its as simple as that! Do you have some DIY cat shelves in your home? We'd love to see them!