Do English cats 'meow' with an English accent?

Last year I had the opportunity to travel to the country of my roots for the very first time. What made it even more memorable was that I went to England with my parents, who had never been back since they migrated to Australia as children, and also met up with my younger brother who was travelling through Europe at the same time.

We did all the touristy stuff and had a 'Christmas in July' celebration with all our family who still live there. It was a wonderful trip, even though I had to leave my Bosco (in my boyfriends very capable hands) for 3 weeks. Our stop over on the way to the UK was in Korea, where we were to spend a night in the capital, Seoul, and were lucky enough to be in a hotel right in the heart of a funky night market. When we explored and bought some Korean souvenires I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Korean's are cat crazy! Cat themed things everywhere... I went a little crazy myself, buying things...

A very jetlagged me with some alien cats in Seoul

I also bough cat socks, a cat keyring, a cat pen, a cat passport cover and some chopsticks (not cat themed!).

When we touched down in England I was on the look out for cats - I really wanted to meet a pommy cat! Surprisingly I only met 2 - a tabby who looked a little rough around the edges, but was super friendly and smoochey in my mum's hometown of Bow in East London, and a black and white stunner in my dad's hometown of Liverpool. I also came across another black and white stunner in Ireland.

While I did expect to meet more kitties in the UK, I was satisfied with the encounters I had. I was also happy to learn my late grandmother's brother and his wife run a kitty rescue and adoption organisation out of their home. If any cats aren't lucky enough to be adopted they get to live out their lives with them. Needless to say they have a lot of cats!