Enter to WIN a Tsuki Scratcher from KittiCraft

I am SO excited to announce our latest giveaway! I have been a fan of modern cat brand, KittiCraft, for a while now. Not only do they specialise in beautiful, modern cat decor, but they hail from South Africa - one of my most favourite countries!  


My cats have their eye on this Calabash Bed!


In 2011, while the would-be founders of KittiCraft were patiently awaiting the arrival of their yet-to-be-born Abyssinian kitten, they decided to get prepared with a trip to the pet supply store, only to be disappointed again and again with the brightly coloured, tacky pet furniture available. There seemed only one solution, if they were to get modern sophisticated furniture, worthy of a sophisticatedkitten, they had to make it themselves. And so, lucky for us, KittiCraft was born…




My favourite thing about this brand, is not only the South African-ness, nor the sleek, original designs. Its the fact that they ship all over the world, with the option of sea mail! Sea mail make take a little longer, but it offers us internationals the chance to have the item, with a much more reasonable shipping price. I wish more companies would offer this!




Up for grabs today, is a piece from KittiCraft's Scratch Furniture Range, the Tsuki Scratcher! With its crescent shape, the Tsuki will provide your cat ample scratching surface as well a secure hiding location. The Tsuki is made from CNC Laser cut MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and premium extra heavy duty double walled corrugated cardboard.



This giveaway is open to everyone! One entry per person and we're running this one for a little longer than the usual week. Winner will be drawn on Tuesday, 29th Jan. All you need to do is leave a comment below. And, so you don't miss out on future giveaways, be sure to either subscribe (top right), or like us on Facebook.


Good luck!