Etsy faves

I only just discovered Etsy last year, when I was looking at buying some cat art for myself, and what a world I discovered! There are so many cool and unique things on there, both cat themed and not. For those of you who don't know, Etsy is a venue for artists and designers to sell their art and handmade products. You can also sell vintage goodies on Etsy but that's it. Just vintage or hand made! Love it!

Every day I seem to come across new things I haven't seen previously but I've built up quite a list of fave sellers so I thought I'd share them with you... Oh and of course, there's my very own store SarahLovesCats too, so don't forget to stop by and check my stuff out too :o)

Kawaii Meow - Japanese kitty fabric

Cathy Peng Art and Design - prints, apparel, accessories etc

CraftSmith's Snuggle Beds - cat beds

moderncat - cat beds and toys

Kerry Beary - modern art

Kitty Baby Love - candles, pencils, prints, dolls etc

Animals in Colour - modern art

Lilly Piri - original art

Gridelin - clothing (as seen on John Fulton of Must Love Cats)

The Black Apple - art and accessories

Unknown Artist Apparel - clothing

Fat Tabby Designs - cat tunnels

Heather Mattoon - art and accessories

Nekonook - cat toys

Em and Sprout - clothing and accessories

The Bold Banana - clothing and accessories

Bark Decor - clothing and accessories

RCTees - tees

Sophie Parker - art

Abel and Game - cards and stationary

Mysterious Cat - art

Ilona Art - art, jewelry and accessories

Laura George - art

Fuzzymug - art and accessories

Old World Primitives - art, dolls, accessories

Jimbobart - art and accessories

Magic Bean Buyer - cake toppers and figurines

Catherine Campbell - art

Well that's quite a list isn't it?! That's not even the half of it...

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