Exciting news and updates...

I guess I should tell everyone a little bit more about myself... I work full time as a high school teacher. I'm qualified to teach Visual Arts and the first 6 years of my career I did just that. But I was never permanent, it is so hard to become permanent in the creative subjects with the Department of Education. In 2009 I was only teaching 3 days a week so I decided to do something with animals. I enrolled in an Animal Studies course at TAFE (college) and began working as a part time vet nurse at Paddington Cat Hospital. I LOVED it there. But the problem was they wanted me to become full time, which would mean I'd be leaving my profession as a teacher and taking a pay cut to less than half of what I earn as a teacher! It just wasn't possible, so I regretfully left. I started working at Chatswood Cat Central instead, which was just a casual 2 day a week job - perfect for while I was only teaching part time. Cat Central is a vet clinic, cat boarding facility and re-homing facility. I loved it there too and got lots of great experience grooming cats, vaccinating them, giving injections (such as insulin etc) and medication and learning all about behviour. Great job!

When the year ended and I was offered a full time (but not permanent) Visual Arts position at a new school for 2010 I had to take it. I loved this job and this new school, but missed working with animals! So I started to teach about animals. I incorporated a conservation unit into an artmaking one which resulted in beautiful prints of animals from my students. As the year came to an end again, I was put in the stressful position of trying to find a full time, and hopefully permanent position again. It just wasn't happening so I decided to look into retraining options. This year I am at a new school, as a teacher librarian. Something I was unsure about doing, but something that is proving to be the right decision. I am studying again, retraining as a TL but luckily the Department of Education pays for everything. By the end of this year I'll be qualified and PERMANENT. Finally! Which means my boyfriend and I can finally buy a house.

I still miss teaching art, but I now teach year 7 Information Skills and I have again incorporated a pet care and conservation unit into that teaching program. And now that I work (volunteer) with animals again it makes me much happier with my career change!

Ahhh enough about me! On the cat front, my 2 babies are getting along so well!!! Every day they become more and more friendly and playful together. I am yet to see them snuggle - and I think that is a loooonnnng way off (if ever - Ollie keeps trying because he's so smoochy but Bosco has always been independent and was never a lap cat), but I'm so happy they are friends :o)

Some recent photos...

Bosco and I

Oliver all wrapped up in ribbon - too cute huh?!

The boys

Bosco outside on his harness - I take them out in our garden on a harness every weekend (because they're indoor cats) which they love

They're such sweet cats and I'm so lucky to have them in my life. Pets make life better and I will never understand people who don't have them! Get a pet, or rather ADOPT a pet.