Featured Feline Artist

Today's Featured Feline Artist is the wonderful illustrator Anke Weckmann from London. She was kind enough to offer us an interview, here's what she had to say!

How long have you been a practicing artist for?
In 2005 I graduated from university and I've been a freelance illustrator ever since. At first I had a part-time job to support myself and spent all my evenings and weekends on illustrations. Since 2008 I've been a full-time artist.

Tell us about your first attempts to be creative.
I started drawing really early, maybe when I was 1 year old or younger, I'm not sure. We had a chalk board wall in our basement and I liked to draw on it. And with crayons or finger paint on big sheets of paper.

What are your inspirations?
So many things, it's hard to narrow it down. Early inspirations where the picture books I read when I was little. Right now it's colour palettes, shapes and textures, the film 'The Cave Of The Yellow Dog', people who are passionate about what they do in life, Diane Birch's music, autumn and vegetables.

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?
There's different types of great moments, I'm not sure which I would consider the most exciting. I love the occasional moments when something turns out just as planned or better. First seeing my work in print was exciting of course, and quitting my job and concentrate fully on illustration - that's still the luckiest thing to me.

What are your artistic goals?
To work on as many different and wonderful projects as I can. And to keep drawing forever.

Elvis, Anke's previous cat.

As you can see Anke's illustrations are so cute and quirky, be sure to visit her blog and Etsy store for more!