First Cute Kitty of the Month for 2012! Bear...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I just came back from a lovely weekend away. We visited Currarong, on the South Coast of NSW. Beautiful! Always nice to come home to the kitties though...

For this month's Cute Kitty of the Month, my good friend Lisa from the RSPCA tells us all about her youngest of four cats, Bear. Please also check out Pawfection Photography, Lisa's pet photography business. Her photos are gorgeous! Please stop by her website and Facebook page... Now over to Lisa!

Bear, aged 5 weeks


Bearpie, Bubba

Almost 2!! (26th January)



Fav food:
Vegemite toast, but lately is finding chewing carrots very exciting!

Fav habits: Supervising, watching the birds on the bird feeder, chasing his sister, snoozing

Fav place:
Under my doona in winter, snuggling on the kitchen chairs

Any enemies?:
The vacuum cleaner

Favourite animal:
He has 4 other fur siblings, but his favourite would be our sometimes feral torti cat ‘Honey’. He calls out to her in a special voice just for her and they run up and down and around the house wrestling. She used to hate him with a passion and would hold him down with one paw.

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?:
Educate!! Not only for health/desexing issues, but to let others know how special life is with a cat and that earning their love and respect will make such a difference to the way you live your life.

Bear was found as a 5 week old, in a garden surrounded by barking dogs. He was brought into a vet clinic where my friend worked and she rang me begging me to foster him. It was thought that he was feral and would be euthanised if brought to a shelter. So, I took this little scrap home, intending to keep him only a few weeks and then find him a new home. But he was special. He became my work buddy and used to come to work with me so I could feed him. I watched him grow and realised he didn’t need to find a home, he already had one, with us. And everyday he makes me smile.

Bear now. So handsome...