Giveaways Galore!

I only like to do one giveaway at a time here at my blog, and I'm currently giving a Tsuki Sctracher from KittiCraft away, but this morning when I found an iPhone 4 case I had created for a customer who then changed their mind, my first thought was to give it away. So I am, however, the only way you can enter is if you have Facebook...  



What you need to do is go to the Cat Tee Mission page, like it if you haven't already, then tag yourself in the photo of the iPhone 4 case above, on the wall. Click here to be taken directly to the photo. You must tag yourself by clicking on the photo, not by tagging your name in the comment section, and you must like the Facebook page - those are the only requirements! And anyone can enter.


Please note: Facebook only allows a 50 tag limit on photos, so if you missed out on tagging yourself today, please go back and tag yourself tomorrow... I'll share the pic every day (unless maximum tags aren't reached) until I draw the winner in a week. For those of you who have already tagged yourself in today's pic, please do not tag yourself again, one entry per person! :)


I actually have another two iPhone 4 cases I may as well give away too, seeing that I've now upgraded to the iPhone 5, however they are used (by me) but are still in great condition... I probably won't blog about it again, so stalk the Facebook page if you're interested. To view the entire range of my iPhone cases (iPhone 5 available now too!) click here. I can also do most other brand cases if you contact me via my Etsy shop. And there will be some new designs coming soon!