Halloween Kitty Cupcakes

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween for two reasons - scary things and BLACK CATS!!! Who doesn't love a black kitty?!...  

It just so happens that today is also my colleague's birthday, so it was a great excuse for me to attempt to make some catty cupcakes. This was the first time I'd ever attempted to make artistic food, but with the help of this YouTube tutorial I think I did ok...



I made the cats first, as instructed on the YouTube vid. I drew some kitty heads, then placed a sheet of non-stick baking paper over it. Using a piping bag filled with melted chocolate, I first traced the outline of the cat head, then filled it in with chocolate. As soon as I finished one kitty head I added the green covered chocolate chips for eyes, then covered the chocolate kitty with black hundreds and thousands.

*Note - you can't do a few chocolate heads, and then go back with the decorations as the chocolate sets quickly and it has to be wet for good coverage. So you need to work quickly!


The sponge is just a chocolate cake mix and the icing is a buttercream icing with orange food colouring (its actually more orange than it appears in the photos).



I'm pretty happy with the outcome, and they are YUMMY, the only thing I'd change is the eyes - I wish I had've used something bigger like Skittles or something. Oh well, its my birthday next week, so maybe I can use that as an excuse to make some more!


I like to take photos on the floor, for better lighting, but it attracts a lot of attention - Ollie is one of those very rare cats that likes sweet stuff!