*** Happy 1st Birthday Oliver ***

Today, Friday the 13th April, is my little baby's birthday! Happy birthday Ollie! We adopted him from the RSPCA in June last year and what a year its been! We've seen him grow from a little furry ball, to a, well, not so much bigger furry ball. Oliver is a very small cat - probably about half the size of my 6 and a half year old, Bosco. He still looks, and acts like a 6 month old cat. I've even seen 6 month old cats that are bigger than him! But he's precious, and we love him. He is the sweetest natured cat I've ever known, I always tell him he's "full of sweetness" because there's just no other way to describe him... This post is a celebration of his first year in photos and fun facts about him...

Ollie's first walk in our yard (note: my cats are indoor cats and have only supervised time in our enclosed yard)

So tiny!

Ollie and Dan

Ollie loving my lap on one of his first nights with us

Even though this photo is over-exposed I just love it. Really shows his personality and playfulness as a kitten!

Bosco (front) and Oliver in one of his twisted positions. He greets me every time I walk in the door like this :o)

When Ollie first discovered fish. We got a much larger tank shortly after this - you can imagine his obsession!

Ollie and Dan's feet

This night Bos and Ollie got closer than ever before. It took 6 months and it hasn't happened since!

Oliver, about 6 months old

Ollie fun facts:

* 99% of the time will come running to me when I call him.

* Doesn't like big jumps! Even though he's fully able, he wont, and has never, jumped up onto the kitchen counter (unlike Bosco). In fact, when there's a fly in the window, he'll look and me and meow for me to pick him and up and place him on the window sill so he can catch it. And catch it he does!

* He's a big talker. Always meowing and purrs like a motor bike.

* He's gone through stages of being a lap cat, then not, then being a lap cat again. He especially loves cuddles in the early hours of the morning...

* His relationship with Bosco was not good at first. Oliver just always wanted to play and Bosco seemed to detest him. They have a mutual understanding now though and Bosco tolerates him well. They often play with each other which I love to see.

* He is a weird eater. He's not at all food motivated and I sometimes have to place him in front of his bowl and stroke him before he'll purr, then eat.

* His fav toy is by far Da Bird, closely followed by the red laser pointer and then followed by anything with catnip.

* Even though they look alike, he's the complete opposite to Bosco. Bosco is a quiet cat, loves food and knows what time dinner is, hates catnip and is very independent. Ollie is always with us, almost to the point of being needy. I love it :o)

Oliver today

Happy birthday Ollie!!!