Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. And its a pretty symbolic one, cause I'm no longer in my twenties. That's right, today I turned 30!! Some people are telling me I'm still a baby, others (mainly my students, whose opinions don't really matter) are telling me I'm old. I certainly don't feel old (I still get asked for ID), and I still sometimes struggle with the idea of being a proper adult, but all in all I had a wonderful decade, so today's post is a celebration of the fun era that were my twenties.  

I posted this tribute on my personal FB page yesterday:

Dear Twenties, We've been through a lot together. I earned two degrees (and half a masters!), I moved to the big city and spent 5 fun years there, I turned vegetarian and never looked back, I found true love, I said goodbye to a great dog and hello to two amazing cats, I travelled to the US and Mexico with my friends; England and Ireland with my mum, dad and brother; and achieved my dream: AFRICA...! I started a non-profit organisation and blog, I kept and made great friends, I got a permanent teaching job, I moved to the Central Coast, I slept under the Namibian sky with a cheetah, and much much more. Most importantly, I learned who I was. You've been good to me dear twenties, and I will miss you. Lets enjoy this last day together... xoxo


I love how cats are always there to help you unwrap your pressies! 


Being a cat lover has many perks, but the one my friends and family always comment on is the ease they have when shopping for my birthday or Christmas pressies, thanks to the mountains of cat themed paraphernalia available. Here are a few catty items I was so lucky to recieve today, starting with this cute e-card.


Next, I got a birthday card from my very own cats! Sent in the mail mind you! You think they'd just leave it on the kitchen bench for me or something...


I got the cute kitty bracelet below from my bestie, De...



As well as this cookie cutter. Can't wait to make kitty cookies!!!



And these adorable catty things from my friend Lisa (card, key ring, purse and bookmark)



Funky kitty card from my boyfriend's parents...



The pressie from my boyfriend Dan was the most thoughtful though. As well as a purrfect cat card, a dress, purfume, cupcakes and chocolates, he got me something very special. As some of you may know, I fell in love with a cat named Spot in Africa. Spot slept on our bed every night and was so sweet and affectionate. He was the perfect cat. Saying good bye to him was so hard, and there were many many tears. Dan searched high and far to find me a plush kitty that looked exactly like Spot, and he found one! Even with Spot's spot on his back! I got a bit teary when I opened my wonderful Spot kitty... Ollie liked him too!



I had an awesome night out with Dan and my friends last weekend, and this coming weekend I'm having a family gathering, so I have a sneaking suspicion there may be more catty items coming soon! I will be sure to add them to this post if there is anything else I'm so lucky to receive :)



Tonight I get to spend with my wonderful boyfriend, and our two special boys Bosco and Ollie. Hope you all had a great day too!




Update: 12th Nov


Got some cute kitty cards on the weekend

 Coolest birthday cake ever! Elsa the lioness, and me, in Namibia - Aug 2012