Help us get big cats back into the wild

Last week we distributed our latest round of funds to the groups we support, and we have some amazing news! With the funds we supplied to N/a’an ku sê Foundation in Namibia, Africa, we're going to be funding a GPS collar for a released big cat!!! We are so excited about this!  

Equally exciting is the fact that our future contributions will go toward the post-release monitoring of this particular cat. We'll also be told which cat it is, kept up to date on him/her, and be provided with photos before, during and after release, which we will of course share here on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter.

We are so proud here at Cat Tee Mission to officially be able to call ourselves conservationists. You can too! How? Buy a tee! Visit our Aussie, US, EU and Africa shops now to get on board and help us get big cats back into the wild!