Here's your chance to speak up for Companion Animals!

This post is especially for my fellow Aussies! And even more so if you live in NSW...

The NSW Government has released the Companion Animals Taskforce discussion paper and submissions will be accepted until 1 July 2012. If you care about animals then I can't stress enough how important it is to take the time to give this report some feedback - animals don't have a voice, so we need to speak for them! Click here to be taken to the paper and online submission. Its very simple, just click on the link and you can then download the paper and leave your feeback by just clicking some boxes. Easy!

A quick overview: the discussion paper covers measures to aims to reduce the current rate of euthenasia for cats and dogs; refine the current regulations around breeding and selling cats and dogs and to improve their welfare; promote responsible pet ownership; make more rental properties 'pet friendly'; introduce early age desexing, and so on. An example of one of the really important questions is: "Do you support a registration rebate for owners who desex their animal within 3 months of registration as a means to encourage desexing?" - click YES of course!

Please read the paper and leave your feedback! We always complain our companion animals aren't supported enough, here's your chance to speak up for them!

via Cat Protection Society of NSW inc