House of Cats

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting a home of 5 cats! My boyfriends family friends have a large open plan house so it's possible for them. These cats also go outside and come and go as they please so there's plenty of space from one another when they need it. I met all 5 - George who has the craziest 'meow' I've ever heard and the sweet girls Schnookums, Ash, Lyla and Midnight. Of all 5 cats, they were all so individual but also so sweet and affectionate. I managed to snap good photos of George and Schnookums. Scnookums and Lyla are twins except Lyla has short hair, Midnight is black and white, and lovely Ash is brown and white.

Gorgeous George

Stunning Schnookums

While I could never see myself having more than 2 cats at a time (ok well maybe 3 would be nice), I really admire people who can have 5 cats, all living harmoniously and all so healthy and happy. They were just gorgeous!