I love Christmas

How exciting - ONE MONTH TIL CHRISTMAS! I absolutely love Christmas and having a cat share the last 5 of them with me has made it even better. Every year, from the very first when I still lived at home, Bosco loved being a part of the unwrapping of presents!

Bosco's first Christmas, 2005

Bosco opening his Christmas present last year - he had so much fun doing this and then playing with his santa dangler!

Bosco loves the christmas tree and our little reindeer

I'm so excited to have a second kitty this year who will enjoy his first Christmas just as Bosco did. And the best part is Dan and I are having our families over to our home this year for the first time ever, so we get to spend the whole of Christmas day with the cats too!

I always try to add cat-themed things into our Christmas celebration. I have 3 cat ornaments on my tree - two Russ ones pirctured below, left. And the one on the right below is on it's way to me from Hey Kitty Kitty. They have some AWESOME Christmas stuff in store that I highly recommed looking at for yourself and your kitties! I also bought the Christmas Maneki Neko cat below - counldn't resist!

I also bought a few things from Jill West this year, including the custom painting below of Bosco and Oliver outside a snowy Christmas house (even though our Christmases are in summer and they are indoor cats hehe) - love it! And the stocking below, which will be filled with goodies for my fur kids, is from her too! Check out her Etsy store for some great Christmas buys!

Another website you MUST check out is my friends, Two Cat Ladies. They have the prettiest kitty things instore which make great pressies! I especially love their jewellery! And lastly, I recently discoverd Modcloth - LOVE this store! I managed to pursuade my brother to get my Christmas present from there - the gorgeous Frolicking Feline Dress pictured below!

* Hey Kitty Kitty, Jill West and Two Cat Ladies donate proceeds from their sales to cat charities - another great reason to buy from them! *

Don't forget all the kind things you can do for cats in need this holiday season too!!! You may want to foster a kitty or two for the holiday season - even more important in the southern hemisphere because it's kitten season and shelters are already overcrowded. You could also make a donation to an organisation in someone's name, or sign up a cat loving friend for a membership of an organisation or shelter. Cat Protection Society memberships are only $35 a year. Check it out by clicking here. Or simply, spend some time volunteering. I do at Cat Legacy House and just spending time with the cats means so much to them. I also always make sure the holiday cards I send out support a cat charity. This year I have cute kitten RSPCA cards and I also want to pick up some Cat Protection Society ones when I swing by next.

Ok now I really need to use some of these ideas myself - time to start shopping for my family, which of course include Bosco and Oliver! Can't wait til Christmas!!!