INTERVIEW: the girls from modcatlove

Today's post is extra special because its my very first interview! I talked to the fabulously modern cat lovers Megan (Pixelcat) and Corrinne (Hellcat) from modcatlove about the idea behind their blog, their cats, their love lives and Megan's new store Hey Kitty Kitty. Keep reading for a special discount code to use in store!

Pixelcat and Hellcat

Have you always had animals in your life?

Megan: Yup. There have always been cats, and there were a few dogs, as well. At one point, we had 10 cats at my mom's house. I think they were all mostly indoor, too. It was a little much for the size house we lived in, haha.

Corrinne: We had a decent-sized aquarium when I was very young, but I didn't have my first two kitties until my 9th birthday! We've only had cats, and they've all been indoor-outdoor, but if I count all my family's cats in addition to my two, I've had a total of 11 cats, but max 7 at once thanks to a bundle of kittens.

How many cats do you currently have and can you tell us a little about them?

Megan: Technically, I have four, but I’m also taking care of two others (one inside and one outside). My babies are Kudzu and Juniper, brother and sister moggies I've had since November 2006. They mean the world to me. Both are attention whores, and they tend to follow me around. Though they both have run of the household, June is definitely the alpha. My boyfriend's cats are Palpatine and Persephone. Palpy is sweet but secretly evil (hence his namesake), and Persy is a little squirt who I couldn’t stand at first but now love to death.

Megan's cats: Kudzu & Palpatine on top, Persy in the middle, June on the bottom

Corrinne: I have two cats of my own, Pickles the Drummer and Clementine, and my family cat is named Dr. Kitty Purrington. Every last one of them is spoiled rotten. Kitty, though male, is quite a diva. Clementine still hasn't quite gotten over getting knocked from her pedastal as Supreme Queen when I got Pickles, and Pickles is the ultimate Rebel Without A Cause. The struggle for dominance is a constant one now that all three live together, and it never ends.

Corrinne's family cat, Dr. Kitty Purrington

What do you love most about cats?

Corrinne: Cats are just too cute and so bubbling over with attitude. I've never had a cat that didn't have a distinct persona.

Megan: Yeah, I just love their personalities. We have five cats in the house and they're all so very different. They all have their quirks, and they’re each very lovable in their own way.

Corrinne's gorgeous kitty Clementine

How did you come up with the idea for modcatlove?

Megan: I've always wanted to have a blog, but I'd never been able to come up with any good ideas. My personal blog is pretty darn boring, haha. But then I realized there is one thing I'm passionate about and that would be easy to write about: cats. I didn't really want to do it alone, though, so I asked Corrinne if she wanted to join in, and fortunately she accepted. She's one of my only cat-crazy friends, and a good writer to boot, so I was excited to have her on board. We wanted to create a blog dedicated to the more modern cat lover, for those who want to escape the crazy cat lady stereotype, and so modcatlove was created.

Corrinne: I was more than happy to help out when Megan approached me with the idea for a modern, swanky cat blog. I love to talk about the crazy things my cats do, but nobody quite understands like other cat-lovers! The best part is being able to connect with our users, hear their stories, and see the wonderful photos they have of their pets. We stand out because we are geared toward today's cat lady: one who owns cats and still has a great sense of style and humor.

Are there any stereotypes about cats you believe are true or untrue?

Megan: "Cats are boring. They have no personality." Obviously, this is totally untrue. I've also heard that cats don't love their owners like dogs do, that cats aren't even capable of actual love. I have a really difficult time believing this.

Corrinne: I've gotten into a few little arguments with dog people about this, and some of them say that "cats are disloyal, cats don't have feelings, cats won't protect you, cats are stupid." What they don't understand is that cats are simply independent. As an extremely independent person, I love that my cats just want to be cuddled and pat when they want to, and want to be alone sometimes--we both need our alone time. Cats enjoy playing games and getting rowdy, just like dogs do (Pickles' absolute favorite game is hide-and-seek/chase), and I've seen Kitty prepped to take on animals a bit bigger than he was just to defend his property. The stereotypical complaints about cats I find to just be intentional misunderstandings about their independent natures. Clementine acts like a prissy queen, but she also just adores cuddling up in a warm lap. I tend to feel that dog people want to be obssessed over and adored by their dog, and cat people want give-and-take relationships with their cat.

Corrinne's cat Pickles

Are there animal/cat charities that are close to your heart?

Corrinne: I have very little money to my name at the moment, but an adoption shelter/cat sanctuary I keep up with is Tabby's Place in New Jersey. Tabby's Place is an awesome facility with ample living space for cats, including outdoor enclosures for fresh air, and has a specially designed and maintained portion for geriatric kitties and kitties who may suffer from illness or handicap. It's a place for those kitties to live out their days peacefully with love and care that their owners may be unable to afford to give them. While I don't have much to give right now, Tabby's Place will be high on my list of places I will donate to when I am in a position to do so. Pickles and Kitty were both shelter rescues with fees that went to continued maintenance of the shelters, as well.

Megan: I’m sorry to say that at the moment, I’m not involved with any animal organizations. I’ve just not really had the time since moving from my hometown almost two years ago. However, I'm hoping to work with the Nashville Cat Rescue, and I'm also donating proceeds from my new online store to various rescues and charities.

How do you feel about dogs?

Megan: I do like dogs, to an extent, and wouldn't mind having one, but I just like cats so much more. Dogs require more maintenance and I just don't really have the time for one. The only upside to dogs, for me, is they are better companions outside of the home. I can’t say that cats make good running partners, nor do they typically enjoy car rides.

Corrinne: Personally, dogs and I just do not get along at all. I find them much too needy, loud, and more obnoxious than my cats (though my cats can be plenty obnoxious!). Where I know that I can let my cats outside and they will take care of themselves and come back, it's much more difficult to trust a dog to hang around, and my family has never really had the time or availability to make sure a dog can go out as frequently as a dog needs to. I find dogs to be much more linear and similar across the board than cats, who all have varied personalities. Dog personalities just don't jibe with me, I'm far, far happier and more relatable with cats.

What is the most amount of cats you've owned at one time?

Megan: As I mentioned earlier, we had 10 cats when I was little. That was a lot of cats, but many of them weren’t very sociable or playful, so I don’t recall it being too terribly crazy around the house.

Corrinne: For a brief time, when I was a kid, we had 7 cats at once when one cat had kittens. They were so cute, but that was way too hard to maintain! It was sad to see the kittens go to new homes, but at the same time quite a relief. Now, the rule is a maximum of three at a time, and all indoor-outdoor. It makes keeping up with the litter box much easier, because they tend to go outside, and the kitties are always so happy to play outside. Flea prevention meds are a bit expensive, but it's worth it!

Megan's sweet kitties, Kudzu & Juniper

Has you love for cats ever been a deterrent for any guys you've dated?

Megan: Well, since I've had my cats, I've only dated one guy and fortunately, he's a cat lover, too.

Corrinne: I've been in and out of many relationships, but most dudes don't mind cats, or they actually do like cats. Nowadays, disliking cats would be a big turnoff for me.

Tell us about the new store Hey Kitty Kitty.

Megan: I actually work for an e-commerce software company, so I deal with online stores just about every day. Some of them are very successful, and I got to thinking, "If they can do this, why can't I?" I had no idea what I wanted to sell, though. I knew it had to be something that wasn't already overdone, and it had to be something I knew a lot about or would enjoy selling. Of course, a cat store came to mind. But there are tons of stores out there that sell products for cats, and it didn't really interest me. But then I realized what was missing from the online marketplace: a store that sells cat-themed items that are cool and modern, and not so much crazy cat lady kitsch.

So, after a few months of research, site building, and setting up inventory, Hey Kitty Kitty was born. Most of our items are made by independent artists and crafters (myself included), and while most of them are for people, we also have fun cat products as well. On top of this, we're going to donate 10% of all proceeds each month to a cat rescue or charity. I would love for the store to get really popular and become a full-time job, but right now I'm just happy to offer a place for cat lovers to find cool products, to support independent artists, and to help kitties in need.

Corrinne: I love Megan's store very much, the design is so awesome, the products are WAY cool, and she is attentive and dedicated to keeping it user-friendly and interesting. I'm happy that she allowed me to be so involved in seeing the store develop as she designed it and chose items. I am sure it will be a hit, and see it being very successful. I hope soon to be in a position to assist her a little more in future development, and I am more than happy to keep on with MCL!

Megan has so kindly offered a discount to all Purr Diaries readers to use in her fabulous store. Use the discount code PURRDIARIES during checkout to receive 10% off, but hurry, this code expires on 23rd Oct! Click here to visit the store now!