Interview with Simonne Lee Animal Communicator

Last year I read a book called Heart to Heart by Pea Horsley and it was definietly not what I expected. It was the story of how she discovered the world of animal communication, and in turn learned how to speak to animals! Yes, you heard me correctly. It's a book I highly recommend.

Since then I've been quite intrigued by the world of animal communication. I've always been a believer of things we can't explain, I'm a free spirit and believe that just because we're the "superior being", it doesn't mean there aren't things out in our universe that we don't know about.

When we adopted Oliver last July, my older cat Bosco became a bit depressed and withdrawn. The vet suggested Feliway but I also seeked out the help of Simonne Lee, an Australian animal communicator who got in touch with both of my cats and helped me in creating a more harmonious living situatation for all. Bosco has since turned back into his normal beautiful self, even sometimes sleeping side by side with "annoying" little Oliver.

I had, and still have, so many questions about animal communication and luckily Simonne agreed to an interview - she is lovely! Simonne lives in Sydney with her partner, her cat Nero and her pet snake.

Simonne and Nero

1. Ok for all the skeptics out there, how on earth is it possible that you can talk to animals??

Everyone communicates with their pets/animals whether they are reading body language, vocal signs or vibes/a knowing regards to their pet.
All people connect with animals even those that say they’re not animal people – it’s just the different levels of connection that we’re talking about.
A mother can sense when their baby is not well, hungry or needing some time out (even before they start making sounds).
Some twins can sense when the other is in danger or have hurt themselves – this is due to the connection/bond between them.
With Animal Communication/Whispering we take it to a deeper level so there is free flowing communication.

2. How long have you been communicating with animals?

I’ve been communicating with animals all my life however it was one special kitty kat that really helped me hone in the ability – Cubby.
She was a stray cat that found me and we became best friends. Cubby taught me to use all senses simultaneously to do this on a professional level.
Professionally I’ve been doing this for 9 years.

3. When you communicate with animals, how do they answer back? With actual works in English? Or images? Or another way?

Animals communicate differently just like us humans do. Some like to talk and talk and talk – I’ll have to butt in at times while others like to show me images or send me a feeling of what’s going on for them.
When I teach Animal Communication I talk about the 5 senses and that each of us have a primary sense that we like to express in e.g. visual, vocal, kinaesthetic etc.
Animals are the same regardless of species, they each have their own primary sense to communicate in..
So for example, when I 1st meet a cat, I’ll introduce myself, send them an image of me and what my energy feels like. I’ll also talk out loud (mainly for the owner’s benefit) so they can hear my voice and they will sniff me too. An exchange of communication can be an image or short movie (that’s what I like to call it) of what I want them to understand. For me personally as I’m kinaesthetic, I’ll also send a feeling of what I’m expressing. For instance, if the owner would like the cat to cuddle more often on their lap, I will send a short movie with the owner stroking the cat – they can see this. The feeling I will send is one of pure love from the owner’s perspective and then give them a little feeling of being stroked.
People always ask me do they speak in English? What if the owner doesn’t speak English at home to them?
It’s not about words as such, it’s like an exchange of thoughts with images and feelings. The exchange of thoughts is like a language to itself if you want to be more specific.

4. What kinds of cat personalities have you come across?

Well that’s a really interesting question!
Cats like people have such diverse personalities and also it depends on the dynamics they have with their family.
I’ve met cats where they actually think they are the ruler being a King or Queen of the household, they really live up to the reputation that cats have slaves J.
Then there are other cats that are extremely psychic and intuitive – these ones are spiritually evolved and really help their owner/family to follow their path.
These types of personalities also do quite a bit of healing within the family dynamics (especially if there is any illness/trauma etc.

5. Tell us about your cat? And do you talk to him all the time?

My kitty kat Nero – well we got him from the Cat’s Protection Society and he was about 1.5yrs old. My partner really bonded with him and it was his 1st time being responsible for an animal as an adult so we took him home that day. He was called Nero already and it suits him. What I love about Nero is that he is quite aloof, I like that in my animals. He loves to interact but likes his own world too. When we first got him, Nero wouldn’t communicate with me for a long time, I had to teach how to communicate (he was a stray cat, use to being his own little man), play and interact. I would ask him questions and for a long time he would only reply with YES or NO. I would tell him he could talk (he would meow out loud thinking this was talking however I soon got him to realise how to communicate). He is still very vocal with his expression but is so much more open to chatting away. He loves it when I work from home so we can hang out. I’ve given him a job (animals love to have a job as it makes them feel part of the family) and it’s ‘CatPatrol’. He’ll sit on the fence just outside the back door and watch what happens in the backyard – he’ll let me know if there are birds or anything odd going on… It does make me laugh! Nero does like periods of chilling out. He’ll even tell me to stop talking (I say he gets that from his dad : )….
BTW I’ve just bought Nero a Pet Cam so I can share through photos his adventures!

Nero on CatPatrol!

6. When you're at home with your animals, can they talk to you whenever they want, or do you have to tune into them?

My animals and I can talk to each other whenever we want – sometimes we may be busy in their own world and not be paying attention but that happens to us humans too. How often has a parent been on the phone/computer and their kids are trying to get their attention? Same thing for my animals…What happens though in my household is that they tend to express more intensely until I acknowledge them. Don’t worry, they get their message across to me!!

7. Do you ever experience times when you can't communicate with an animal?

For a living animal unless they’ve been in an accident/shock/under anaesthetic or are crossing into the spirit world NO…
Even then you can connect with their spirit and communicate with them this way however that is different to communicating with an animal that are a live and coherent.
When you communicate with an animal there is an exchange of energy – some animals will not like this and think it’s an intrusion.. I rarely get this but if I do, I tend to gently coax them round and then they will communicate with me.

8. What if you tune into an animal that is asleep?

You can still communicate with an animal that is asleep but you they’re not always so forthcoming with information so you gently wake them up a little bit but they’ll still be in a dream state just at a different brain wave level. More at a meditational vibration – which means aware of what’s going on around you but in a deep relaxed state.

9. And animals that have passed over the rainbow bridge?

Animals that have crossed over into the other realm, well that’s still communicating but more on a medium ship level. You’re communicating with the spirit/soul of the animal – we do this with humans too.

10. Can you share one of your favorite animal communication stories? How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?

One of my favourite stories is (I’m going to change the name of this cat to Oscar)..Oscar was rescued by his mum and dad, they already had rescued a dog previously. About 1yr into Oscar moving into his family, all the dynamics changed. His mum and brother doggie left and moved to another state. It was decided between the parents that they would split the animals and one would go with each parent.. It had been around 4 months into the changes and with me coming over and helping Oscar understand what was happening and that he wasn’t being abandoned again. His dad took some time to heal and both of them bonded even deeper. The connection between them was amazing and they would pre-empt each other’s feelings – this was their way of communicating.

At this time I came by to visit Oscar and his dad – all was going well and Oscar seemed to be bouncing back and loving all the attention that he got from women in his area…He is known around the neighbourhood as the Rock Star! I could tell that things where shifting as even his dad had a bounce in his step, a swing in his stride. We went through all the questions that his dad wanted to cover, health, home life, happy with cat sitter, food etc and then it came round to Oscar asking his dad a question…

The funny thing is that Oscar asked his questions in a series of images and it took me a second to understand what he was asking…When I had finally worked it out, I was a bit awkward in asking his owner. You see Oscar was showing me that he was sitting on the bed while his dad put on all these different types of clothes/outfits on and then looked at what seemed to be a mirror. It looks odd coming from Oscar’s perspective as his dad had little poses going on. I explained to his owner that this is what Oscar is showing me – I’m not sure what it means but he wants to know why you are doing this…To my surprise, his dad went bright RED, I thought I had said something quite offensive but then sheepishly Oscar’s dad says that he’s ready to start dating and has bought some clothes and has been trying on different outfits to see if he likes them. I had to stifle a laugh as it was a private moment between the two of them. I said to the dad, that’s ok, my kitty kat helps me decide what to wear out on date night! I explained to Oscar what was going on and he thought it was funny too but I could feel a sigh of relief as they were moving past the difficult change that had happened in their life.

By sharing that moment, they both realised that they were good and life was starting to shine again!

11. Why do you think animal communication is valuable?

Animal Communication is about connecting with your pet
Animal Communication brings clarity and accountability into the dynamics for the owner and the pet.. Both parties understand the rules and I like to create a pack for them to agree to. This way both get a reward and with the respect and harmony, a common goal! They both understand each other’s point of view instead of confusion through miscommunication. It also brings in instant results with less stress – all parties happy with a lot more love and cuddles. Also as I said above, an animal wants a job/role in the family, it makes them feel included.

I am running a 2hr Workshop An Evening of Animal Talk 5/3/12 at Mosman, Sydney 7-9pm $45.00.
In the workshop I will explain how we communicate, practice some techniques on animals in communication that you can take home and do every day with your pet.

For more information on Simonne's workshop visit

I'll be there so will be sure to report back!