Its GIVEAWAY time again! 2 giveaways to be exact!

I have a fussy cat. But then, who doesn't?! From the age of 6 weeks old, Bosco would never drink water out of a bowl on the floor. In fact, the only way I could get him to drink at all was from my hand. From there, thankfully, he progressed to freshly poured water in a glass.  

After 7 years I finally decided to get a drinking fountain for him. We installed it yesterday and so far, both Bosco and Oliver have drank from it, but both are also a little cautious at this stage. Am hoping it will be a success though, once they get used to it.


So what a coincidence it was when I was asked to run a giveaway by My Favourite Pet Shop for a Drinkwell Drinking Fountain! My Favourite Pet Shop sells everything from kitty treats to luxurious cat beds, and all things in between including novelty items for Halloween! They haven't forgotten our doggie friends either. You can also visit them on Facebook and Pinterest.



Unfortunately, the giveaway for the drinking fountain above, is for US residents only. So sorry! I'm always hesitant in offering giveaways to US only, because I'm not even in the US myself and I know how annoying it can be. SO, to be fair, I'm also offering a second giveaway of some SarahLovesCats items for everyone. Read carefully for details on how to enter.


To enter for the Drinkwell Pet Fountain, if you're in the US, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post.


Also up for grabs is a SarahLovesCats note book, pocket mirror and set of tabby cat cards, as pictured below (size not to scale). All SarahLovesCats items and art is by me! This giveaway is open to everyone around the world, but you'll need to do something different to enter for this giveaway, so keep reading to find out what.


To enter for the SarahLovesCats giveaway, you need to send an email to: with the subject line "SarahLovesCats giveaway entry". You don't need to write anything in the email body.

If you're entering for the SarahLovesCats items but leave a comment on this post, your entry will not count.

So, to re-cap -

    •      to enter for the Drinkwell Pet Fountain: leave a comment on this blog post
    •      to enter for the SarahLovesCats items: send an email


Both giveaways will be drawn randomly next Monday, 22rd October. Good luck!

And remember: giveaways on our blog are a regular occurance. Subscribe (top right) so you don't miss out!