Kitties on Your Nails by Janchristie

Thanks to Catsparella, I recently discovered the two very lovely cat lovers who make up Janchristie Nail Art. I'd seen lots of cute kitty designs for your nails on Pinterest but none that really offered links of where to buy. Not only did Stephanie of Catsparella post photos of her super cute nails, she also told us where to buy them from! So buy I did! Janchrsite have a lot of kitties stickers to choose from - you can check them out here - amongst other animals, at a very reasonable price, and they got to me from the UK within a week. I bought 5 different sheets of kitty stickers but so far have only tested out two kitties, as seen below.


With a layer of pale pink nail polish underneath

With only clear nail polish underneath (and on top!)


Janchristie is made up of two friends, Mandie and Christine, who are from rural East Sussex who, on getting bored with the nail stickers available, wanted some of their own pets, so set about developing some. After some trial and error they created some and they were so popular amongst their friends that they started selling them on eBay. They have now set up their own online shop. Between them, all but one of their pets are rescues and they are supporters of Chancepixies Animal Rescue near Dover in the UK.

You can follow Janchritie on Twitter or Pinterest, where they post photos of people wearing their nail art.