Mixing things up

My kitties get bored easily, so I am always looking for new and interesting things for them to do or play with. They're indoor cats, who have supervised time outside just about every day, but I think the key to having happy indoor cats is to make it fun inside too!

Most of the time, I'm their toy! They love playing chase/hide and seek with me and most of the time they won't play with toys such as balls and danglers unless I'm on the other end of them. They have just about every toy you can think of! But sometimes, it's the things you don't expect they'd like, that they actually love the most.

The other day we had to move the large scratching post out of the way for a bit, and when Dan moved it back he had the idea to lay it on it's side, just for something new. Dan often has good, simple ideas like this. And the cats always love something new like this. As you can see from the pics below, a simple thing like the scratching post turned on it's side for a few hours turned into hours of fun! Ollie's favourite thing was when I threw a ball into the little house. Bosco was also intrigued...

Oliver absolutely loving the 'new toy'...

Ollie looking for the ball

Bosco joins in on the fun too

The key to keeping things like this interesting is to only do it every now and then. The scratching post wont be turned back on it's side again for a good couple of months!