More great cat art...

Have just discovered new artist Jill West and her fabulously entertaining blog Thats My Cat. Check out her oh so adorable cat paintings in her store. She also sells her originals on eBay for next to nothing. I absolutely love Jill because most of the proceeds from her paintings go to saving kitties in shelters. Similar to my Wildlife Art 4 Charity work... She also volunteers at her local shelter and foster cares for kittens until they're adopted. Love!

Both by Jill West

I'm also happy to update you on the artist whose paintings and Flickr page I posted last week. I have contacted her and her name is Marta Oktaba, she also sells on eBay, and I am commissioning her to paint my 2 babies for me. Yay! Her style is so unique and her hand painted artworks are a bargarin! For a 10x8 canvas panel she is charging me USD$45 + shipping. Cant wait til I get it, will post a pic as soon as it arrives. But for now, here's one of her other gorgeous originals...

Some of you may be wondering why I'm paying someone to paint my cats for me when I'm an artist myself, well the truth is, I tried, but I just cant capture Marta's exquisite style, I've always been more of a drawer/printmaker/photographer. I will be dabbling in some Jill-esq folk art style cat paintings soon though. And will definitely be buying some of her stuff too!

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