More new art by ME!

Lately I've been working on lots of digital artworks and now have them in my Etsy store. It started when I designed a new logo for my blog and Facebook page. I hand drew a simple cat sitting then scanned it and played with it in Photoshop. I really liked the simple, yet modern design (see header for what I'm talking about) - and I rarely like anything I create so that's saying something!

Since then I've created quite a few more of these digital artworks, all drawn by hand on paper to begin with. I've called the series 'Mod Kitties'. I'm trying to capture interesting cat poses, and while they always look interesting, whether they're walking, sitting, sleeping or doing whatever - my fave designs so far are the Pounce and Groom designs.

'Pounce' Mod Kitty - also comes in floral

'Groom' Mod Kitty - also comes in lavender

All of my designs have interchanging patterns and there are at least 2 different pattern options for each design in the store. I also do customs if there is a specific colour/pattern you want. I currently have also made cards featuring the designs (including Valentines Cards!) and journals and some time this week I'll also have cute little pocket mirrors! I'm hoping to have tea towels, tote bags and mugs soon as well!

Valentines Day Card - available in 3 different designs and 2 sizes

Mod Kitty Journals - 4 different styles available

All of the artworks shown, plus many more are available for sale in my Etsy store, SarahLovesCats! I'm currently working on a Cat Breeds poster to add to the store - hopefully some time this week. Another great reason to buy - 20 - 30% of the proceeds of all of my artworks and cards is donated to the Cat Protection Society.

Oh and I have to mention my Kitty Trees too, don't forget they are also on sale in my Etsy store and the sale of them also benefits Cat Protection. I will also have some original handmade cards featuring my Kitty Trees some time this week as well.

Original framed Kitty Tree - many different styles/sizes and customs available

If you want something from my store but can't afford to buy at the moment never fear - I'm doing a GIVEAWAY when I reach 1000 Facebook fans! I currently have 831 so if you haven't liked the page yet, what are you waiting for?! The giveaway will include lots of cool goodies featuring my Mod Kitty designs. Can't wait!