I'm sure you have heard of the best cat blog out there - I HAVE CAT. And if you haven't, where have you been? You must check it out immediately! The fun and sassy writer, Tamar Arslanian is based in one of the most amazing cities in the world, New York, and her blog is kind of like a Sex and the City type read, but with, and mostly about, cats!

This past Monday my lovely boyfriend Dan was lucky enough to be featured in her CAT MAN MONDAY segment, in which I wrote the post for it. Here's the intro:

Introducing Cat Man Dan, all the way from Australia! Before I met Dan he was not a cat person, in fact he was one of those weirdos who “hates cats.” I really will never understand how people who’ve never lived with a cat can “hate” them! I will also never understand how people can claim to like lions and tigers but hate cats! But that’s another story… Dan claimed to “hate cats” until he met my fluffy Bosco.

Dan and Bosco

To find out what happens next, click here to go to the post on the I HAVE CAT blog.

Dan and Oliver

I absolutely love Tamar's blog, please check out her 'Best Of' section if you're new to it!