My Cats

Name: Bosco

Nickname: Bos, Bossy Boots, Boscorelli, Muffin, King of the Castle, King Sheba, Bubbles

Age: almost 6 years old

Date of Birth: 10th Sept 2005

Coat colour: brown tabby and white

Eye colour: golden

Catchphrase: a chirping sound or a squeak - rarely a meow

Friends: all the cats from the neighbourhood who come and talk to me through the window... and I guess the annoying little addition to our family who wants to play 24/7

Any enemies: of course not! or maybe just the carry cage which equals going in the car

Fav food: tuna

Fav past time: sleeping, eating and grooming myself

Biography: I was born in a house with a lot of cats! My mother was all black and beautiful and by the time my adopted mum came to pick me out there were only 2 or my siblings left. A twin who looked exactly like me but with short hair and a tuxedo kitten. Mum chose me, even though I wasn't cuddly like the other cats and was off sleeping by myself in the wash basket. I do like to be in the same room as my family now, but in my own bed. A few scratches under the chin never go astray though...

Name: Oliver

Nickname: Ollie, Mini Muffin, Tiny, Wally, Somersault, Dennis

Age: approx 14 weeks (?)

Date of Birth: unsure. Date of adoption: 18th June 2011

Coat colour: grey and white

Eye colour: greenish

Catchphrase: a high pitched squeaky meow which seems to be getting louder every day!

Friends: I love everyone! especially the big fluff ball cat I live with who only likes to play chase in the mornings... I do like to try and make him play all day though and am sometimes, but most often not, successful

Any enemies: the tabby kitten who tried to persuade my adoptive parents to choose him instead of me!

Fav food: anything except that Science Diet mushy stuff - yuck!

Fav past time: running, climbing, chasing, playing with mums hair, jumping, eating, occasionally grooming, and running and jumping into Bosco at full speed

Biography: I cant remember where I was born, my first memory was living with other kittens not related to me at the RSPCA. I lived in a room with lots of fun toys and people came to see me and play with me every now and then. It was a month before my adoptive parents came to see me and I knew straight away they were the ones. I jumped straight on my adoptive mums lap and curled into a ball and purred as loudly as I could. I wanted her to know her lap would be, and still is, one of my favourite places. We now live in a much bigger space (a house with a garden), with just one other cat and I'm loving life. I'm an instant touch purrer and I sleep on my parents bed every night - cosy!