myKotty by MEBEL - Review

I'm a huge fan of multi-functional products for cats that are also modern and stylish. In last year's Christmas Gift Guide I featured an awesome bed/scratcher that was very popular - the only problem was it was in Poland! Imagine my surprise then, when I found out that that very product was coming to Australia! My cats and I were very excited to review the VIGO myKotty by MEBEL - now available to Australia and New Zealand!  

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MEBEL is a Sydney based, exclusive myKotty importer and only wholesaler for Australia and New Zealand. There are two types of beds available, the VIGO and the LUI, in both white and natural (you can also get a combo of both). Click here to check them out in the online shop.


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As mentioned, the bed/scratcher is very stylish, and my cat Ollie took to it right away. The fact that Ollie claimed it first basically means that Bosco probably won't ever use it (he doesn't like to share his beds). We placed it in front of our large floor length window in our living room and its Ollie's new favourite spot to watch the birds outside. The best part is he uses it to scratch on as well. I wasn't sure if he would, seeing that my cats have only ever used verticle cat scratchers, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that he likes to chill, sleep, roll about AND scratch on his VIGO.


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Another great thing about this products is that they're made with eco-friendly corrugated cardboard - most of you know I'm also a fan of saving the world, so anything eco-friendly earns extra points in my book!


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The only down side to the VIGO (if I have to point one out) is that my cats are both too big to fit underneath it in the curved out bottom like they're supposed to. Smaller cats and kittens would be able to fit though, if they wanted to use it as a vantage point or hiding spot.


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All in all we love the VIGO and its definitely a recommened buy if you love multi-purpose, attractive furniture for your cats that they'll also love to use! Ollie gives it a 10/10! Be sure to give the MEBEL Facebook page a like too, for fun deals and competitions!


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