New art + GIVEAWAY!

I've just completed a new piece of art and it may well and truly be my favourite! Introducing the Cat Breeds Contempo Kitty Poster!

Contempo Kitty Cat Breeds Poster

Unfortunately I couldn't fit every breed so I apologise if yours isn't there! I didn't want to make the cats too small. However, I think I'll do a second one later in the year featuring the cats I didn't this time.

Here is your chance to WIN! Its a huge honor that moderncat has featured me in her blog! moderncat is THE source of all things modern!! And cat! You have the chance to win my poster by clicking here and leaving a comment. So what are you waiting for?!

I'm going to be donating one of these prints to Cat Protection Society as well. Remember when you buy anything from my Etsy store, 20% - 30% is donated to them. And another donation will be to my aunt's cat rescue organisation in the UK, Cat and Kitten Care. Its so cool that someone I'm related to runs a cat rescue org!!!

Also, from next Monday you'll have the chance to win a few more of my things on the equally as cool Catsparella blog, so don't miss out! And as mentioned, when I reach 1000 Facebook fans I'll be doing a giveaway myself. I also have a new Facebook page to coinside with my Etsy store, SarahLovesCats, and my art so please head on over and like that page too :o)

Thanks everyone! Hope you win something in one of the upcoming giveaways!!!