New kitty and new ring!

So much news to share! If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you'll most likely already know that we welcomed a new addition to our feline family last week. Little Duma the ginger tabby girl came into our home on Friday 28th March and has settled in so perfectly!  



She is smitted with my cat Ollie, and he is smitten by her, as you can see in the video below. Bosco has always preferred the company of humans over cats, and Ollie used to try his hardest to play and snuggle with Bosco to no avail! So it seems that the arrival of Duma could not be more fitting. By the way, its pronounced 'Dooma' and means 'cheetah' in Swahili. I had to give her an African name!     In other news, my boyfriend of almost 6 years proposed to me this past Friday! It was completely unexpected but very exciting. And he won major points on the ring, below. I told him well over a year ago that if they day came that he were ever to pop the question, it had to be with an Alexis Russell ring. I have other rings by her and I absolutely love her organic diamonds and recycled metals. This ring couldn't be more me! I'm a very lucky girl!