For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is... well... you need to know and NOW! Especially if you're reading this blog, which in turn, means you're a cat lover.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can organise and share things you love. Before Pinterest, if I'd see something on the net that I wanted to either buy, use for inspiration or just keep because I loved it, I'd just put it in my 'favourites' tab. But then my favourites tab would fill up and I'd forget what was there. Pinterest makes this whole process so much easier in that you can categorise things, then simply add a 'pin' (link) and save it on your virtual pin board in said category.

A snapshot of some of my pin boards. To see the rest click here

A pin board for my fave cat things and a pin board for art

A pin board for fashion and one for modern homes

I’m always searching for the latest cat-related modern design for your self, your cat, your home, and everything in between so Pinterest is purrfect for me, especially because my boyfriend and I will be buying our first home within the next year (hopefully). My 'modern homes with cats' pinboard is my fave one at the moment!

The best part about Pinterest is that you can 'follow' people and check out what they have pinned and add those things to your pinboards as well. For example, the likes of moderncat, Hey Kitty Kitty, I HAVE CAT and Catsparella (to name a few!) are all on Pinterest and I have pinned something from each of those cool cat lovers!

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and join in on the fun! Remember to follow me and let me know if you find any cool kitty things to re-pin :o)