Recent cat themed purchases...

Most people who know me, and who know how much I love cats, would be very surprised to know that I don't really have much cat themed stuff around my house, apart from a few mugs and teatowels. The only thing I really do have (apart from my ceramic South African lion) are these gorgeous vintage cats my grandmother gave me when I was little...

I do often though, indulge my cat obsession by buying cat things, I just spread them out between other normal non cat themed products so I don't seem like too much of a freak to non cat people. So here is a sample of the cat themed things I have bought over the past 6 months, from most recent to least.

Cat umbrella - so cute and popular with my little Oliver too

The funkiest cat earrings - I couldn't resist!

Adorable cat biscuit jar - from the RSPCA

Cosy cat sweater

Vintage kitty boxer shorts (only the print is vintage!) from Pretty in Pink

The other cat things I have bought recently are some books. Under the Paw and Talk to the Tail by Tom Cox, Wonder Cats by Ashley Morgan and Cleo by Helen Brown.

I'm so loving writing this blog, and sharing my crazy cat obsession with like minded people. As I write currently, there is a sleeping kitten on my lap :o)

Until next time, good night/meow!