Review: Fancy Cat Nap Mask from Oskar and Klaus

We all know and love Oskar the Blind Cat and his lovely brother Klaus so I'm very excited about today's review! And if you didn't know, Oskar and Klaus are not only an internet sensation, they also have an online shop where they sell anything from kitty ties to mugs and totes! Today I'm reviewing one of their newest items, the Fancy Cat Nap Mask.  



I love sleeping, but I'm someone who struggles to be able to fall asleep unless its night time and pitch black. I would LOVE to be one of those people who can nap in the day, or sleep on the train (especially because I travel 4 hours each day to work and back!!). I even struggle to sleep on airplanes! So I think I was the perfect candidate to try out the Fancy Cat Nap Mask (with the help of our new kitten Duma)!


photo 2


I've tried your run of the mill, standard eye mask before, to no avail, but I held high hopes for the Oskar and Klaus version due to the size (it covers much more of your face than a standard eye mask), the becautiful soft fabric its made from and the cat ears of course! I put it to the test yesterday afternoon. I told my boyfriend to wait 20 mins or so and then sneak in and snap a photo of me if I didn't stir, which would indicate I was asleep. The result is the photo below, which is actually ME SLEEPING! Granted, I woke up as soon as the bf took the photo (he forgot to put it on silent and the 'click' of the iPhone woke me), but the fact that I actually fell asleep is nothing short of a miracle! I was relaxed and it was quiet, so the real test will be the train, but the fact that I'm actually willing to wear it on the train speaks volumes - but just look at how cute it is! I love the other colours too.


photo 1


The Fancy Cat Nap Mask is hand made in the US and retails for USD$12. Click here to get yours and become a pro cat napper just like me! I 100% recommend it. AND for the next two days you can get 14% off everything with coupon code SPRING14!




P.S. If you've been living under a rock, click here for the most adorable video you've ever seen of baby Oskar and his first ever toys. You'll need a few tissues on the ready.