RIP Elsa the Lioness

I got some very sad news last night, that the oldest lioness at Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia (one of the new groups we support) passed away peacefully in her sleep at the grand old age of 25. I shed some tears, because I got to meet and interact with this lovely lady cat last year while I volunteered there last year, and then reflected on the long life she lived.  

Elsa was born on Harnas in 1989, but after being rejected by her mother, had to be hand reared by founder and owner, Marieta. She was rehabilitated and was eventually socialised with other lions, and then lived as close a life of an African wild lion as possible, in a huge enclosure on Harnas. At the age of 20 her back was tragically broken in a fight with another lion. The vet instructed everyone that she would never walk again. That vet was wrong. The following two videos outline the determination of this amazing lioness, please take a look at Elsa, The Lion that Walked Again, parts one and two. Click here and here if you can't see the videos below.




Elsa touched many hearts, including my own, and she will be missed. Run free sweet girl!


bwelsa  Elsa and me, August 2012