Who doesn't love a good sale?! I sure do and now is the time to buy yourself some CTM goodies because my US and EU shop are giving you 20% OFF EVERYTHING until 14th Jan (sorry Aussies, BUT we can order from both of those shops too). Just use coupon code MONEY20 at checkout. The best thing about these sales is that the 20% comes off the cost price, not my profit which is great. As always, ALL profits go to the amazing groups we support that save kitties, both big and small.  


The gorgeous Jasmine in her Leopard Africa tee

While I'm here I thought I'd share with you some of my fave customer photos so you can see what some of the items actually look like on. Be sure to share your pics with us on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #cattee.



The one and only, Jackson Galaxy


@buttercupcaren in her limited edition Leah Goren Picasson Cats wideneck sweater - my new fav!


My gorgeous friend Lisa




Katrina's hubby, Symeon


The lovely Valerie


The artist in her tee, Laura Manfre

  For more fan photos, click here. Also, while I've got you and seeing that this post is about sales I'd better let you know that my Etsy shop is having a huge sale too. To make way for new ceramic pieces (some very exciting kitties coming soon!!), I've discounted all my current ceramics from $20 and $15 to a mere $5!!! Click here to visit my Etsy shop.


Happy shopping!