Sarah to the Rescue!

On Saturday I arrived at my parents house for a visit, I got there a little early and they weren't home yet. As I was unlocking their front door I thought I heard something. I stopped turning the key and listened intently. From a distace I could hear the faintest 'meow'. I kept listeneing to find the meow getting louder and closer. It got to the point where it was coming straight towards me, louder and louder, and then suddenly this brown long haired tabby busted through the shrubs in my parents garden and came straight for me, meowing it's little heart out. I was bewildered. I've often had cats appear out of nowhere just to come up and say hello to me (in fact, it happens on a regular basis) but never like this. It was almost as if this cat knew I had arrived. As she got closer she slowed down a little but as I bent and called her she came straight to me, meowing, purring, rubbing herself all over me and eventually sitting on my lap.

As I patted her I realised she had matted fur all over her underbelly and tail. She was definitely someones cat, so affectionate and even trying to get in my parent's house, but she seemed lost. When my mum arrived home I asked her if she knew the cat and she told me she'd been hanging around the street for days, meowing constantly and following strangers. I came to the conclusion she had lost her owners and needed help finding them so we took her to the local vet, where I used to take Bosco when I still lived at home. She had a microchip but they couldn't get in touch with the owner while we were there so we left her in their good hands.

Yesterday I called them to see what had happened to the sweet tabby and I was so happy to hear her owner had been contacted and she had been picked up, and was now at home and happy again. It turned out she was from an area 20 minutes drive from my parents and across a busy highway, and had been missing for quite some time. I am so happy to have reunited her with her owner. This is not the first time I've been a cat rescuer :o)

Little Miss Tabby

Lots of people believe cats (and all animals) have a sixth sense. I am one of these people. Bosco often knows when I'm home up to 10 minutes before I even arrive - my boyfriend Dan has witnessed it and filmed it to show me. In the film (when we still lived in an apartment) all of a sudden Bosco rises from his bed and goes and waits at the door. People come in the building, walking past our door and talking but Bosco still waits... About 10 minutes later Bosco becomes more excited and starts chirping at the door, and then in I come. Dan has witnessed this many times, as have my parents and my room mate before I lived with Dan. I wonder if Oliver will develop this sense too?

Anyway, this whole cats with a sixth sense thing makes me wonder if little miss tabby knew I was coming. The way she ran towards me makes me think so... Maybe she knew I loved cats and would help her?... I guess we'll never really know for sure... But I think so :o)