SarahLovesCats Giveaway Winners!!!

There were a lot of entries in this giveaway, I had 76 comments and most of you did the two extra steps to get two extra entries. Because of this I litterally drew names out of a hat. Or box, rather...

The prizes are all from my Contempo Kitties collection - the Cat Breeds poster, my Red Dotty journal and my Kittens pocket mirror.

Congrats to the winners and for those that missed out, never fear! I'm extending my Valentines discount code til the end of this week. Use coupon code BEMINE20 at checkout for 20% off all items in the Etsy store.

And the winners are...

1st prize: Lisa
2nd prize:
3rd prize:

If you see your name/email above, you're about to get an email from me :o)