Meet Shadow, our new cat! Ok, not really. This is Shadow my neighbour, a kitty who turned up on our back doorstep one night when I was feeding my cats. I could hear a soft meowing at the back door so I turned on the light and there she was. By she I actually mean he, I thought he was a girl at first but I've since taken a closer look.

I was worried at first, because after going out to give Shadow some hugs and figuring out he was one of the sweetest cats I'd ever met, I feared that maybe he was lost or homeless. Especially when he started turning up every night and sometimes in the morning too.

But then one morning I saw him out on the street and another time Dan saw him in the front yard of another house and it turned out thats where he lived. Yay! I could stop worrying and just be honoured that Shadow felt like spending some of his spare time at our house.

Since then Shadow (btw I don't even know if that's his actual name! We always name the neighbourhood kitties if we don't know their actual name) has become our good friend. And by 'our' I mean all of us. Dan and I adore Shadow and giving him attention - I even shaved off a bit of clumped fur for him the other day and then gave him a good brush! And my cats have also become friends with him. Ollie used to hiss but has since gotten used to him. You can see that in the photo below - thats Ollie bearing his belly and stretching out towards Shadow!

I was also initially a little concerned that if Shadow decided to come over during the evenings then my cats would miss out on their outside time. But I've since decided to let them see how they'd interact all together and last night I let Bosco and Oliver out, even though Shadow was also there. They were all very chilled and pretty much just ignored each other after a few initial sniffs.

I've wanted a third cat for a long time so for the time being I'm just going to go ahead and pretend I've got one! Of course it wouldn't progress further than me just pretending, but its nice to have another cat around... Should I also mention that when I got home from work yesterday, Bernie the white neighbourhood kitty and Blackie the other other black neighbourhood kitty (not their real names) were out the front of my house? Hmm... looks like the kittys know where to go for a good time!

Shadow on Dan's lap