Shelter Cat Monday

I'm a little late with my Shelter Cat Sunday post so I've turned it into a Monday one instead...

Todays featured cat is a little heartbreaking, so I apologise for the sad start to the week... A few months back I attended a Foster Carer Info session with Hunter Animal Rescue, with the intent of hopefully be able to foster in the future. But since then I've been on their email list of cats and dogs that are in pounds and need to be placed in foster homes in order to be saved. Most animals are due to be put down very soon and every time I look at the cat in the photo below it brings tears to my eyes. She just looks so so sad. It pains me. If you are in Sydney, the Central Coast or anywhere in Australia and are looking for a beautiful 2 year old cat, please email me: and I'll see what I can do to help you get her. Even if you're willing to foster her please get in contact to me. Bceause the worst part is that her due date to be euthanised is "now". Her info is below... :o(

Impound #: 8685
Name: Bess
Breed: DSH
Size: medium
Sex: female
Age: 2 years
Due: NOW

There are many many cats and dogs just like Bess who are desperate for help. If you want a pet, please consider your local pound or shelter... Please share this post with ANYONE you think might be the slightest bit interested.