Shelter Cat Saturday

Say hello to one of the most stunning looking ladies I've ever seen! Currently in care with Cat Protection Society of NSW.  



CPS is Sydney's only no-kill shelter just for cats (there are other no-kill groups but this is the only shelter). This coming Monday my lovely foster kitty Winki will go back there to have her stitches (from having an eye removed and being spayed) and then she will be available for adoption. Click here to learn more about Winki. But, without further ado, lets learn a bit about the beautiful Sylivia:

Sylvia doesn’t take long to warm up and after a brief stare-down with new acquaintances will soon be signalling for pats.  Because she came to us as via a pound facility, Sylvia's age is estimated to be 7 years but she’s calm and quiet and Sylvia would be a lovely indoor-only cat for someone looking for an affectionate and adaptable feline companion.  Fancy coming home to sweet Sylvia dozing on the windowsill? Come in and say hello.


Can you offer this gorgeous girl the home she deserves?? Click here to inquire about Sylvia - she is guaranteed to make ANY home more beautiful!