Shelter Cat Saturday

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently - busy times! Promise I'll post something before the next SCS post! Today you're meeting TWO kitties by the names of Cheeky and Ginger who have been waiting at Animal Welfare League's Ingleside shelter since they were kittens. There are now three years old! Very sad indeed. Please share far and wide and lets try and get this gorgeous ginger pair a home!  




"Hi. I am Ginger! Cheeky and I have lived in a cattery since we were kittens so we have never had a real home or felt what it's like to be loved by a human. One day we came to the Ingleside Shelter and here we've experienced a more home-like atmosphere and people who wanted to interact with us. At first, I was a little timid, but because of the continued loving care I've received I'm now a very welcoming cat. I'm friendly and I like curling around your legs, sitting on your lap and having some peaceful rests during the day.  Do come and visit Cheeky and me at the shelter today! We might need a little time to get used to you, but if you meet us with an understanding of our background and provide us with a loving home we will open up to you".   




My heart aches for these two! If you're interested in meeting them, click here to view their profiles (on the last page) or call the shelter on (02) 8899 3333 now. Good luck gorgeous boys!