Shelter Cat Saturday

I've been sharing the cats from "No Mission Is Impossible", by Cat Protection Society these last few weekends and I think it may be working as their FB album has gotten smaller, and in the happiest news ever, Winki, my ex-foster kitten from last February has finally been adopted!! Yay!!!  

Today you're meeting two lovely tabby ladies who are looking for a home together by the names of Lydia and Olivia.





Lydia and Olivia are real ladies who love to laze around and great you with a yawn or a tweeting hello. Lydia likes to follow her human friends around when they are doing things and tell them a tale or two to keep them company. Olivia likes to watch her surrounds from the comfort of a fluffy bed or a soft chair. These lovely felines have never known outside so would much prefer to be safely indoors and watch the world go by from the comfort of their own window.


If you'd like to give these sweeties the home they deserve, you can see Lydia's profile here, and Olivia's here, and please get in contact with CPS in Sydney.