Shelter Cat Saturday

This week's featured shelter cat is a sweet girl who had a rough start to life. Meet Charlotte, who is currently in foster care in Western Sydney with CatRescue. CatRescue do a wonderful job rescuing cats and kittens from pounds, placing them into foster care, and then finding homes for them. Some people might think that these cats are already saved, being in a home and all. However, it is vital that foster kitties find their forever home, so a new cat take their place and be saved from death row at the pound. CatRescue are also one of very few organisations in Sydney that do Trap, Desex, Return... More on that in a future post. Here's Charlotte's story...

"Charlotte is a friendly, gentle little soul. From a tiny age, she had birthing complications, lost most of her litter and underwent major surgery where she nearly lost her life. She will need to spend most of her time indoors because of her little sensitive nose. She is such a lovely little cat".

If you would like to adopt Charlotte, please contact Tiffany on 0416 190 389, or you can view Charlotte's online profile here.

CatRescue also have a Facebook page - they need all the support they can get - please like!