Shelter Cat Saturday

Say hello to a beautiful lady by the name of Mindy, currently looking for her forever with an amazing new sanctuary in Western Sydney called Zambi Wildlife Retreat. Zambi Wildlife Retreat, (AKA Life on the Line Rescue), is a place I only found out about very recently, its an amazing sanctuary for ex circus and zoo animals, as well as any other animals that need homes including domestic and farm animals. My idea of heaven actually! They're not quite open to the public yet, but are offering encounters with some of their animals, so I'm going to meet their little lion cub in a couple of weeks - CAN'T WAIT. Check back on the blog to read more about my experience in early June.




Back to our shelter cat!

Mindy is a very affectionate 6 year old purebred Persian cat. Unfortunately she was discarded by her previous owner and was in need of some loving care. Mindy's long fur was badly matted so she was given what is called a 'lion cut' shave. We have taken her into our care while we look for the best possible home for this beautiful kitty. We feel Mindy would be best suited to a quiet indoor home where she will be given lots of much needed attention. She is toilet trained and always uses her litter tray without fail.


If you would like to give this gorgeous girl a home, please email She is located in Mulgoa, Western Sydney. Good luck Mindy!