Shelter Cat Saturday - Meet my Foster Kitten

This SCS is very special because the cat soon-to-be up for adoption is my very own, and my very first, foster baby! Fostering is always something I wanted to try, and seeing that I can't have a third cat for a while due to space and lease restrictions, and thanks to the fact that I have 6 weeks off work, I thought I'd give fostering a go.  

As you can see, she's very small (my hands aren't very big either)


I picked up this teeny tiny little girl from Cat Protection Society of NSW yesterday. She came to them with a sister and no mother, but the sister grew much faster and was ready to be spayed and adopted out. So I was more than happy to take in lil Miss, who I'm calling Penny Lane after the song, and the street (my dad grew up right near there and I visited Liverpool, England in 2010).



I'll probably have her for only 2 weeks, and then she'll be up for adoption, so be sure to contact me or CPS if you're interested. She is super smoochey, as soon as you pick her up she purrs and goes straight for the headbutt! She's very confident and playful, she uses the litter tray and slept like a baby all through the night. She is just purrfect and anyone would be lucky to have her!