Shelter Cat Saturday - Meet My New Foster Kittens

Its been almost 3 months since we moved and we're all fully settled into our new house now. I'm also on school holidays at the moment, so I thought there was no better time than now to get some new foster kittens! Say hello to Masai and Mara, named after the place I wan't to visit more than anywhere else in the world - the Masai Mara in Kenya.

photo 3

These two gorgeous girls will be available for adoption from Cat Protection Society in Sydney, in around two weeks. Stalk our FB page to find out exactly when!


 photo 2

Masai - she looks like a little warrior!


I only just picked them up this morning so am still learning about their personalities, but so far they seem very sweet and loving. They're around 6 weeks old and are both female (isn't it strange that all of my foster kittens have been girls?!). Please get in contact with me if you think you can offer them a home. They don't have to be homed together, although that would be nice...


photo 1

Mara (don't you think she looks a little like my Ollie?!)


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