Shelter Cat Sunday

Say hello to Blanket and Ollie!

For those of you who read my Facebook page, you'd know that I've been helping Sydney based CatRescue with the trapping of some feral cats, for desexing and then returning. About half the colony have been caught, desexed and returned now, which is fantastic, but there is still a very cunning female on the loose, who sadly, just gave birth the her fifth litter of kittens. These two gorgeous boys are from her previous litter and are 100% socialised. The colony these little guys belonged to are being fed by a lovely lady and Blanket and Ollie were born in her backyard (as were the newest litter), which luckily means they've had exposure to humans from a young age. They were rescued at 5 weeks old and put into foster care and are now ready for adoption - together only.

These boys were destined to live a tough and scary life on the streets if it wasn't for CatRescue - who do an amazing job saving cats from death row at the pound, as well as working to make the life of street cats better. Blanket and Ollie are currently located in Wolli Creek, NSW - if you think you can offer these gorgeous brothers a warm and safe home please call Jenny from CatRescue on 0408435514 or you can view their profile here.

In the mean time, we'll do everything we can to get the rest of the colony spayed and neutered - as well as mum - when she is finished nursing her newest litter. Wish us luck!