Shelter Cat Sunday

In my last post I asked 'are we doing enough for shelter pets?' And unfortunately the answer is no. Some of us adopt from shelters and do all we can to support them, others form organisations to get pets out of shelters and into foster homes, but sadly, others unknowingly support puppy farms and kitten mills by buying from pet shops. So I've decided to add a new segment to my blog; 'Shelter Cat Sunday', just to try and spread the word about shelter cats even more... Most of the time I'll be featuring adult cats or cats with special needs, but from time to time you'll see some kittens too, especially because this year in Australia kitten season has been out of control.

Today I'm featuring a lovely 12 month old DSH named Lucy, who is in foster care with Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue - a wonderful team of volunteers dedicated to getting cats and kittens out of the pound and in to homes. Foster homes to start with, and hopefully followed by forever homes. The more cats they can place in forever homes, the more cats and kittens they can rescue from possible death at the pound.

Lucy is located in the Hunter region of NSW and is only $50 to adopt - bargain! She has a slightly deformed leg that the vet thinks was most likely a break that was never attended to. Lucy gets around fine though, and just has a slight limp. She can run, jump and play like any normal young cat.

Because Lucy is a stunning white cat, she will need to be indoor ONLY cat. She is fine with other cats and fine with dogs. For the bargain price of $50 she comes spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked.

If you're interested in this sweetheart, please contact Tracey from Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue:

Purring and praying that this sweet girl finds her forever home ASAP. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.