Shelter Cat Sunday

Meet Zoe, a 2 year old calico beauty who is currently in care with Sydney's CatRescue.  


Info from Zoe's online profile:

Zoe is a timid, shy girl who is gaining in confidence with a great carer in a very quiet environment. Zoe's carer says ... She no longer spends any time under the bed and has made her claim on her spot on the lounge. I am able to pat her at anytime and once I start she starts rubbing her head against me so that I can start with the head and chin rubs. She also rolls over for the occaisional belly rub. However she will not tolerate me picking her up just yet. I've tried a few times and she lets me know that sweet as she is, she is still armed and dangerous. I've tried to hang on but I think if I held on too long she would go for her 'nuclear option' and I chicken out. Back on the ground however, and all is OK, and back to demure loveliness. Zoe is also very quiet. I may get a peep out of her if I'm taking too long to dish out dinner. She will happily sit on the lounge beside me and be petted (and she has the softest fur), but has also started to become more playful, chasing toys that I toss across the room for her. She is quiet and a little shy, but by no means scared. She is just a lovely, quiet little girl (as long as I don't try to pick her up!).

Zoe is good friends with her co foster cat, Karly, and it would be amazing if these girls could get a home together as they are friends. See Karly's listing:



If you are interested in adopting this sweet kitty please call Jenny on 0408 435 514, or you can email here by clicking here.