Shelter Cat Sunday

This SCS is quite a desperate one, so if you're in Princeton, WV in the US, please help or share or do whatever you can! There is nothing worse than seeing a mama cat with her kittens, so scared that she feels the need to sit in her litter box to surround herself with her own scent. Meet Mama...  


The following information about adopting Mama is taken from the MercerCo Volunteer Facebook page: "Adopt at Mercer Co Animal Shelter (Princeton, WV) 304-425-2838 or 304-425-2880. Stacey Martin is the rescue coordinator and rescues can reach her at 304-887-0614. Open Mon-Sat 12-6. Be sure to use ID# when calling about an animal. The adoption fee covers shots, worming, and neutering. 75$ for dogs, 40$ for cats"

Mama's ID# is 16230 and she has been in the shelter since 20th September. She wants out! Its unclear whether her kittens are with her still or not.


If you are in a position to help, please get in contact with Mercer Co Animal Shelter immediately.