Shelter Cat Sunday

Its no secret that I'm in love with Africa, and after giving away a beautiful piece of South African cat furniture this week, and welcoming some new African readers, I thought it only fair to share a South African kitty who needs a home this weekend. Meet a very special lady by the name of Jenny, who is in care with Adopt a Pet in South Africa.  



Jenny is the sister of Jinger. She is a sweet and quiet natured cat about 18 months old whose owners could not afford to feed her and she and her sister had to fend for themselves.  They are very fond of one another and would be very happy if they could go to the same home. Because they both have pink noses, they need to be kept out of the sun as they could get skin cancer. To meet these special cats, please phone Adopt-a-Pet on 021 465-4560 preferably between 8-9pm.


Can you offer these sweet sisters a home? Please see Jenny's online listing by clicking here (and you can see her sister's on the next page).